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House Dishes

Rice in the Casserole

Canned snails

Casserole rice with lobster and seafood

Sweet Sausage with Apple

Poultry chicken with cuttlefish and crayfish

Beef Melons with Mushrooms (Beef Cheek)

Pork Feet in the Casserole

Cannelloni of the House

Favetes a la Catalana

Baked Lamb Shoulder (2 pers)

1/2 Piglet (4 pers) – (on request in advance)

Eel Suquet

Cod in the Muga (baked with potato, onion and tomato)

Gratinated Cod with Celery Celery and Tomato Jam

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📞  972 673 296 
📩 restaurantlamuga@gmail.com

🕘 13:00-15-30, 20:00-23:00

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